One of the quality products of E-DOOR with high repute are the Veneered Moulded Panel Doors. These doors are manufactured from imported skins which are specifically designed to suit the Indian climate. They are made from HDF skins and are overlaid with natural veneers in single mould technology, resulting in producing a unique mould profile and an enhanced aesthetic appeal. Such doors are the best alternatives to Solid Timber Panel Doors and are environment friendly.

Substituting timber panel calls for great strength and thus, adequate care and caution are involved in the production process of these doors to ensure that they have a long durability even with heavy usage. These Veneered Moulded Panel Doors are available in natural teak, walnut, rose wood and wenge, etc.

Height : 78” to 84”
Width : 26” to 40”
Thickness : 32, 35, 38 & 40 mm